Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tonight I journey back to the theatre. Off to see Adam Canavan's play Third Finger Left Hand. People speak highly of it but we shall have to wait and see. Can't wait to sit at my desk later and make sense of it all. It's been a while since I've done a review. Still, it's like falling off a bike - only messier. In an amazing futuristic move I've already ordered the interval drinks via email, so hats off to the York Theatre Royal - who have always been great supporters of this blog - for such forward thinking. Perhaps they'll start to webcast the performances and us tired old hacks can review from home? On a theatre-related theme I'm disappointed that Paul Miller's blog has ceased to be. He's joined the big list of those that appear in a blaze of glory only to run out of steam rather quickly - although not as quickly as 'award-winning' Jon Ronson or the Mail's own 'how to start your own blog' guide writer Jane Briscoe (one entry, bless her!). I'm obsessed with this particular medium and can't ever see a time when I'd hang up the keyboard. I just wish more of my colleagues would get up to speed so I could pry into their lives. Maybe they are already blogging? They certainly seem to spend more time at their desks than I do.

Does anyone know anything about RSS feeds? If so can you help? Mine seems to have died a death so anyone keeping track of me on bloglines is under the impression that I've gone the way of rollerbriscoe and not posted an update since April. Any hints or tips welcomed.

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