Thursday, May 05, 2005

Unable to vote, I'm finding it hard to muster up any enthusiasm for today's high-profile political business. But a very short letter we received has made me laugh out loud. "Sir, The party capable of stopping the mindless cacophony coming from car radios should get the vote. Yours etc..." Straight forward and to the point, there, although I can't remember any party having that in their manifesto. And it did actually say "Yours etc..." I reckon that, in later life, I'll busy myself writing letters to newspapers and I can only hope to write something as mind-boggling as the above. The day got off to a jolly start with the announcement of the discovery of this new dinosaur Falcarius utahensis, reckoned to scamper about on two legs and be the missing link between primitive meat-eating creatures and more evolved vegetarians and described by dino-whiz kid Lindsay Zanno as "the ultimate in bizarre, a cross between an ostrich, a gorilla and Edward Scissorhands". That is bizarre. I fear for Johnny Depp's image rights.

I've been rooting for Tim on The Apprentice for a few weeks now. But when he won last night I was in the process of changing my mind and found the whole thing somewhat anti-climatic, even with Sir Alan's "You're...hired" tension building. In the post-show interview Tim came across as a real dullard. But then all tunnel-visioned ambitious business folk are dullards once they've secured their six-figure salaries.

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