Friday, May 06, 2005

With the 39%

So we wake up to find that, despite a reduced majority, the status quo has been maintained. True, I failed to play a part. Instead, I used the time it would've taken to head down the polling station to eat spicy meatballs atop pasta tubes in the Dukes. But the result could've been worse. I could've ended up with indigestion or something. The Tories stick in the throat a bit in defeat - milking that 7 per cent swing for all it's worth. Are you thinking what they're thinking? I hope not. Howard reckons it's the beginning of the comeback, Kennedy reckons it's the real start of three-party politics. Am with the latter, and, as ever, hoping and praying that Tory scum never gets anywhere near governing the country ever again. Scuse me while I go and get myself on the electoral register, and well done to everyone in my absence (I am seriously wracked with guilt over this one and still feel the need to apologise, repeatedly, for being so very stupid).

Typical Mail headline First black tory MP elected The real winner? John, I'm only dancing...

Listening: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Damage. Hating: Central heating.

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