Wednesday, June 08, 2005

All went well. The cast are great, co-director Nick's a good guy, Hull Truck's a very friendly place at which to attempt to break into this game. It's a rare rollercoaster ride, though, all this. This is, without a doubt, all a dream come true. But felt quite depressed for no obvious reason on drive home. Feel like an outsider at my own party. "Are you enjoying it?" co-director GTP asked me later. "It's all very exciting," I replied. Which it is. I didn't want to bother him with my psychological problems. A bit of redrafting over the weekend, then rehearsals start Monday. Really looking forward to rehearsal room action, to seeing how this thing that has, thus far, been solely my creation, moves from the page to stage. But this was my full-time pursuit and not a part-time diversion from reality. Apologies for over-using the word 'this'.

Reading: Kenneth Williams Diaries.

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