Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The assistant editor collars me near the water cooler - a place where the only place to stand is in the way - and strikes up a conversation. Y'know, as they do. It's either there or while you're stood at a urinal. "So," he smiles in a managerial/confrontational way, "how's this play of yours doing?" "Well," I answer reluctantly, not wishing to admit I was happy he was interested, "I've written it, so I guess there's nothing for me to do now." "What," he snaps back like a man about to tell me I should be more ambitious than merely writing a play which, as you're about to read, is exactly what he had in mind, "you're not directing?" "No, no, I'm not directing," I mumble, feeling a failure for just writing the thing. "Oh dear." So, I'm already reduced to a bit part player in the mind of this gentlemen. It's a wonder he didn't offer an "at least you've got a proper job" for me to thank him for. Such is the writer's lot.

Sky Sports have been into rehearsals. Filmed for around 25 minutes apparently. Part of a documentary series about literature meeting rugby league. Or something. Very intriguing. Radio interview for yours truly tomorrow, then Metro wish to do a Q&A with me. I suppose this is all par for the course for some people and a bit run of the mill. But, again, I find it all very exciting. I'm in something of a peculiar mental state right now: Impossible to concentrate on work and hard to believe that the other stuff is actually happening. And, of course, I'm grinning like a fool. The third night has almost sold out, which is great news. Hopefully, with the rest of the publicity this week, all three nights will be rammed.

The actors from the play did a photo shoot this morning. One of them, who shall remain nameless until I write the name Belinda Lazenby, absconded from the public house location with a rugby shirt that belonged to the landlord, who ended up running down the street after the van. Outrageous. But I'm proud of her. All art is theft.

Won't get back into rehearsals until Thursday. Have had a report from Lee, another of the cast, who tells me it's going well. I'm sure it is. But am starting to get nervous. What if it does all sell out but people don't know what to make of it?

Listening: Housemartins - London 0 Hull 4. Reading: Lester Bangs - Psychotic Reactions & Carburettor Dung. Eating: Ginster's Cornish Pasties.

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