Thursday, June 16, 2005

Having dumped half of the back garden detritus at the local tip, I ventured out for lunch with the newspaper folk on Lamp's 'terrace'. I secured my Lamp membership card having spotted a big mound of them on the top of the bar. They are an attractive black and silver number, as fetching as the finest platinum credit card, and, having parted with my email address for future electronic updates, I was given card 002. Typical, I'm always the runner-up.
Played my X-Box version of the Stanley Cup to its conclusion later and the Carolina Hurricanes, after a nice comeback by the Oilers, took the series in overtime of game seven. Not to be confused with the real thing, which returns to Edmonton tonight, with the current series 3-2 in the Canes favour.
In between, I coated our very dry front garden with feed, weed and moss killer in an effort to revive the frazzled mess and sprayed weed killer on flower beds. Exciting, huh?

Viewing: Ripping Yarns

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