Thursday, June 09, 2005

The mood lifts as the weather brightens. Feeling chipper today. Have abused a PR person via email. Our little weekly newspaper, which covers everything from cats that need rehoming to village fetes and jam stalls, was hit with the following request: "we thought you might be interested in running a feature package on what being a member of the EU means to people in your region". No, not really. I emailed the offender back suggesting that he had never read our cuddly, light 'n' frothy publication. The response: "It is true, I haven't. I apologise if I have wasted your time. It was purely an attempt at efficiency." Not very efficient on our part having to deal with this clutter. But, thanks to that apology, I can now heartily recommend Geronimo Communications for all your PR needs. I feel a cease and desist email coming on from a solicitor...

Al fresco lunch round at ma's, following on from last night's al fresco dinner at a quayside location. Outside is the new inside.

Laughing out loud at: Johnny B's Post 8 plans.

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