Thursday, June 02, 2005

Penned the Ayckbourn review. Read more Orton diaries. After the latter I'm naturally pondering on whether to head out to Tangiers with Kenneth Williams and a boyfriend that will batter my brains out with a hammer later. Also wondering whether to scab the free tickets that will allow us to go and see New Yoikers the Five O-Clock Heroes later this month. Probably will, if M's up for it, as it will take my mind off possible failure come June 28. I review Ladies Day at Hull Truck on Friday night, with no more theatre reviews imminent. So maybe that's that.

I'm in a Big Brother sweepstake. In a blind date style 'pick your housemate before the show starts' free for all I kopped for camp hairdressing cry-baby Craig (He had promise at first - "you people with your shitty little jobs and your shitty little lives, I hate you all" - but where'd the anger go?). I've got no chance of winning and, by the weekend, it might be all over. He's up for eviction. I've not watched much of this series yet but whenever I do tune in Derek's arbitrating some dispute or other. He'd be okay if he wasn't a foxhunting Tory. Despite the doom and gloom surrounding the glut of reality shows I think this might be BB's best year yet - the house is so full of freaks and oversized body parts. Lesley really needs to talk about something other than having the biggest tits in Huddersfield, though.

Listening: Jesus & Mary Chain - Psychocandy.

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