Monday, July 18, 2005

A day-cum-night of minor purchases. Keen to support Hull's highest profile raggamuffins, I handed over the readies for three different versions of The Paddingtons 50 To A £ (getting a nice Padds artwork laden box to put it all in from the man in HMV. It's not that useful, as one of the vinyl efforts is in a gatefold sleeve marginally bigger than the box). The song's no Panic Attack but it's ok. At night, reeling from a day back in the office where tedium very quickly set in and a Bruschetta party with the little mes in Dukes, we ordered Michael Bentines' Potty Time off of I remember it as a slice of classic children's comedy, which will no doubt mean it's utter shite. Still, it only cost £6. M settled for a DVD of Press Gang. What's this nostalgic trip all about, me wonders??

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