Wednesday, July 20, 2005

El Matador...

I'm exiting (rather than exciting) the gents via the main door in and out of there and, just as I place my hand on the handle, in charges the big paper's editor, as is his mile-a-second style. Damn near knocked me flying. "You could've had me there," I muttered, while he said sorry not once, not twice but three times. I hope he doesn't take my comment the wrong way. I'd hate to be in a relationship with the man. For one thing he spends far too much time at work. Then there's the aesthetic problem...

Apparently the play got a mention on Sky Sports the other day, during a cup match. "But not you, your name didn't crop up once," my intrepid media-watcher advised me. This is fine as my name is not important. The play's the thing.

Otherwise, a quiet day. Interviewed a recently ordained vicar and had to concentrate so as not to say inappropriate blasphemous things, nor exclaim a "Jesus!" of delight halfway through a usable quote. Lady vicar in question is conducting the ceremony at her twin sister's upcoming wedding, leading to the headline "Vicar marries sister", which was sadly vetoed by our editor on one of his rare trips to see what we get up to.

A nonsense press release received to announce the release of El Matador, a "third person action title with stealth elements". I suppose that means a fancy fangled electronic game. It sounds great: "A huge arrival of South American cocaine is expected in the USA. This is not just any narco-baron activity, but an attempt to gain control over the drug market in the USA by a newly established brotherhood called “La Hermandad." It goes on..."You, you, El Matador, will progress through a story which weaves its way throughout the adventure, combining all the essential features of unexpected surprise, plot twists and dramatic developments." Best of all, though, is the part of the release that announces: "If you are a website, we’d really appreciate it if you’d post this release up to announce our latest title and then send us the link?" I am a website! *El Matador is released on Q2 2006 (!) by Ascaron Entertainment/CENEGA PUBLISHING, and has been developed by Plastic Reality Technologies. Its retail price is TBC, which sounds reasonable enough to me.

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