Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Something of a run-in with the management of Hull's newest nightclub: Vision (named after the city council quango Hull CityVision, no doubt). They objected to my efforts at injecting some humour into a colour piece at the foot of a story announcing the opening night of their garden centre-themed club (or is it tropical? Lots of trees and water features, anyway). It upset them as they had invested "blood, sweat and tears and £1.5 million" into the revamp of a grotty old cinema that had, up to this point, seen better days. It quickly became apparent that I'd not regurgitated enough of their bullshit PR and had made the mistake of having an opinion. We spoke for 20 minutes. Odd that it took me that long to say, in essence, "next time, fuck off and buy an advert and never bother me again". I also pointed out that if they contact journalists whenever they're displeased about getting acres of coverage for free, they're quickly going to run out of friends in the city. Still, I suppose North European Leisure are so big they don't need friends in the media (nor a web presence it seems). I wished them well. "I do hope you're not being sarcastic," they responded, sarcastically. Clubbers, please go elsewhere.

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