Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday night. Have spent the last three nights in Hull Truck, watching other people's stuff (No Live 8 for us - no time!). Fay Weldon, Francis Wheen and Big Brother psychologist Peter Collett have all been vying for my attention. But it was weird sitting there after, well, you know what...

I can't, to paraphrase a speech by one of my own characters, which is surely a very pretentious thing to do, begin to tell you what it's like. Hull Truck. June 28-30, 2005. Hull Truck! I've been reviewing other people's stuff here for a decade. And now here I am. With my own play being performed. By professional actors. Playing to sell-out audiences. It was hard to fathom. But it was real alright. But it's like a dream. Like the best dream I've ever had. And the best dream I've ever had came true.

Listening: The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers.

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