Friday, July 22, 2005

We had forgotten lots of Tai Chi moves. Midway through the class we started doing some vitality exercise that we'd only had around 10 minutes previous experience of. The puzzled look on our faces and the way we just stopped midway through some peculiar air grapple and foot tangle said it all. Tai Chi master ran to our help and untwisted us before taking us through it all at a slower pace. 30 minutes later we had it cracked, although, collectively, we move with all the grace of a concrete mixer. I was a little over-zealous during our routine with sticks, made myself dizzy and started to fall over. And they said this was a gentle, relaxing way to spend an evening. The class is a funny mix of people. A couple of very intense gentlemen who operate on a completely different plain, a woman who knows all the moves but is very robotic and insists on chatting inanely non-stop for 90 minutes, thus ruining the soothing tunes that are emitted from Tai Chi master's state of the art boogie box and the rest of us, who simply don't have a clue. Still, I do enjoy it and one day hope to be wherever it is that those two intense gents are.

Today has strange written all over it. M heads for an MRI scan later to get to the root of a long-running problem. Anxious for her, so can't even begin to think what must be going on in her mind right now. Maybe the scan'll reveal that, he joked, in an effort to make light of a serious situation.

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