Friday, August 05, 2005

I know there's not a great deal going on in Hull but...I've just been stopped smack in the middle of the city centre by two young girls who asked, in all seriousness, where the city centre was. "You're in it," I coughed, to be greeted by very confused looks. The day trippers from a fancier Metropolis-style city with a vast centre containing shopping malls aplenty and state of the art bus terminals and a tram/monorail transport infrastructure were even more confused when they asked where the bus station-cum-terminal was. "We don't have one. It's been knocked down." It's hard to be an ambassador for this city sometimes. "We do have a big screen," I offered, by way of selling the place. Too late, they had disappeared, probably en route to Leeds or York or Goole.

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