Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I work at a newspaper and, every now and then, we get the odd letter. Sometimes, when they're not from mad readers with too much time on their hands, they're from illiterate students begging for jobs. This morning, we got some correspondence from a young chap called Andrew. Remember, this is a newspaper. Andrew has a funny idea of what's required at a newspaper. "I am writing to enquire as to whether you have a vacancy for a general labourer within your company at this time." Andrew is trained in building and garden maintenance and glass manufacturing practices. He is, then, an ideal candidate for a vacancy that doesn't, as yet, exist. But, as he is conscientious, hardworking and reliable and enjoys keeping fit via walking and cycling, I think we should create a position for him. He is, after all, studying towards entry level 3 in numeracy. So it all adds up.
In news to put a smile on an old man's face, it appears I have got on the guest list for the Arctic Monkeys upcoming Hull gig. I am overjoyed. I was going to buy some tix but put it off for that long that the gig sold out without me. As I've been whistling Mardy Bum, Fake Tales of San Francisco, Scummy, A Certain Romance et al for months I was gutted. But now, we're back on! Yee hah!

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