Sunday, August 21, 2005

Laid low by a cold all weekend, compounded by standing in a large field surrounded by horses, ferrets and dirty, smelly members of the public. Despite the haze and congestion, We still managed to strike up the barbecue, frazzling vegetarian options before loading it with meatastic sausages. Our sausages of choice were so thin, though, that we lost a great number of them. They frazzled, shrunk and slipped through the griddle. Our obnoxious neighbours, now hidden out of view by a 6ft fence, made their presence felt by standing at the gap where our gate used to be (used to be before we got anywhere near the house, that is. I mentioned it to the landlord when he came to put the fence in place but all he did was hide it behind the shed, thinking I wouldn't notice) begging for food with their desperate 'we're starving' eyes. So we pushed the wheelie bins in front of them and tucked in to the nosh.

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