Thursday, August 18, 2005

Met the kids round at mother's. Scott informs me he is having his hair cut because it is a requirement of the Sea Cadets, with whom he has just developed a fixation. I found both things unhealthy. I wish I had hair like his - it is (soon to be was) just the right side of cool. And messing with the military? He reckons there's no future in it, he just goes for a giggle with his shorn-haired mates and there's no mucking around with firearms. But one minute you're laughing, the next you're patrolling the Atlantic aboard HMS Monmouth. I recall, though, that I wanted to join the navy once. I think my interest was sparked not, as you'd assume, by the uniforms, the homosexual stereotyping and the prospect of living a Querelle de Brest lifestyle, but by a visit on board HMS Sheffield. Which subsequently got destroyed during the Falklands conflict. That put me off.

Apparently, the internet's the latest thing. This I learn at a presentation at work. The internet also has potential. It will make us money. And broadband is fast and lots of people have it at home. Some of them even publish stuff. And 20-odd thousand people read the paper online but don't buy it. And we can sell them cars and property and make them bid for things. Why didn't we think of all this earlier? We could be making millions rather than...millions. More millions then. Such commercially sensitive information could be dangerous in the wrong hands. So, shhh, don't tell anyone else that the internet's the future.

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