Saturday, August 20, 2005

Now, who was it who said gambling's a mug's game? They were right. My ability to select a lame horse intent on bringing up the rear of the field knows no bounds. I must stop this will to back complete and utter losers asap. A horse broke free before one of the races - surprisingly, not one of those I'd picked - and had to be withdrawn. Quite a nice bit of commentating from the racecourse announcer: "And he's shot through the rails. He's somehow managed to get in a field full of sheep." Cut to two baffled looking sheep in a field on the giant totesport screen. Five minutes later the horse, riderless, was legging it round the course on a second lap like there's no tomorrow. Penniless, we did a similar runner before the end of the meeting. 'Scuse me while I go and wash the word "sucker" off my forehead.

Listening: Elbow - Leaders of the Free World.

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