Monday, August 08, 2005

Sickening fans put Hull to shame...

Some great profile-raising pieces for the city in the national media today, I've noticed. I live in a posh East Riding town and some of my best friends are QPR fans, so I can sit back and say, "I told you so" and then pretend it never happened. Shame on you, insensitive Hull City scum. Never mind the war on terror, let's get these shameless cowards who, depending on what you're reading, number from 30-500. It is disgusting and unforgivable and may Hull City chairman Adam Pearson succeed in his mission to ban the lot of 'em. Odd, though, that the ever-puddled Humberside Police feel the need to apologise for someone else's chanting, as The Times has it...

Superintendent Andrew Street, the match commander, said: “I would like to offer both my personal apologies and those of Humberside Police to the QPR supporters present at the match and also to the relatives and friends of those caught up in the London atrocities last month."

Why would you? Are we to take it that undercover officers were in amongst the crowds? Apparently, the whole incident took Street and co by surprise. What, have they never been to a football game before? Or do they just go to watch the match?

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