Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We headed out to play badminton tonight. This is a major accomplishment for us. And daunting, too. M's sister's boyfriend used to be champion of the universe at badminton, or something, and we don't want the word to spread on the badminton grapevine that our rallies last as long as it takes someone to serve and the shuttlecock to immediately hit the floor. If, that is, the server manages to hit the shuttlecock first time round, or get the darn thing over the net. I jest, of course. Despite playing in full sight of the leisure centre staff, who watched with dismay as we pranced around our court like a pair of asthmatics sans their inhalers, we did okay. M's sister's boyfriend doesn't need to hear about our ineptness from any of his former badminton team universe team mates. It would upset him. So we put the effort in and, in many ways, we think he would've been proud. We are so smitten by the sport that we have booked a court for the same time next week. Hopefully, by then, the cartilage in my knees will be ready to cushion the blows once more.

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