Monday, November 14, 2005

Apropos of my last post, which talked about Alan Ayckbourn balancing a cat on his knee as he writes, I've since realised how impractical this is. For starters, for the cat to enjoy some kind of comfort, you'd have to stretch your leg out. This would be fine for a short period of time. But a full-length play takes a while to write and, at some point, you'd want to get your leg offa that pouffe (a line, there, from a James Brown song, I think) and sit as nature intended. Can a cat balance on a knee? For a short time, yes. But for a prolonged writing session? Surely the cat would need to relocate quite sharpish, lest it fall to the floor. And, of course, I was wrong about Ayckbourn. He writes with a cat on his lap. Much more comfortable for all involved in the writing process. Still, not to worry, as, knees aside, I am also well endowed in the lap department.

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