Thursday, November 17, 2005

For reasons best known to the psychiatrist I've not yet got, I couldn't tear myself away from that Take That documentary last night. Never mind Jason Orange suffering from insomnia, I doubt I'll ever sleep again after seeing his peculiar face in extreme close up.

There was a nice positive piece about Hull's 167 Centre on Look North last night. The centre offers support and advice to asylum seekers from all over the north and has an open door policy for those not from Hull, despite the strain that puts on resources. The piece was positive only until the end of a filmed sequence, when short arse, grannies' favourite presenter Peter Levy adopted a very peculiar line of questioning with which he confronted a representative of Hull City Council, who part fund the centre. "So, asylum seekers from Goole and Scunthorpe use the centre. Doesn't that make Hull look like a soft touch? Isn't Hull a soft touch on the asylum seeker issue?" He kept following this bizarre line much to the dismay of the council chap, who gave a baffled smile and could hardly get a word in in response. You could just picture all the racist scum of Hull sitting at home nodding in agreement and planning on going on a torch wielding rampage running people out of the city as Levy pandered to their low level of intellect. Unbelievable.

Listening: Test Icicles - For Screening Purposes Only.

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