Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Spent an hour in a theatre foyer last night, waiting for M to exit a meeting re her new pice of work. It was 5.30pm, so there wasn't a great deal of coming and going at the box office. Some big lad had turned up two hours early and kept looking at his watch, between pacing up and down, desperately willing someone else in his party to turn up so I'd stop staring at him. They did, about 50 minutes later. I smiled at a few members of staff that knew me. Others that didn't eyed me with suspicion. I mean, who hangs around a theatre foyer at 5.30pm unless they're a total weirdo? There was a buffet under wraps on a table within easy reach. I was starving and very tempted to release the sausage rolls from their cling film nightmare. Temptation grew stronger when several bottles of wine were positioned next to a plate of sarnies. But I resisted my natural urges to behave like a twat.
Our theatre director friend appeared out front to say hello. He led me into the auditorium and showed me the set for his latest effort. I didn't like to tell him that I'd seen it already, as it was lurking behind the company directors when they told me what the next twelve months at the HDM have in store for me at their ridiculously amateur presentation the other day. But, nevertheless, it was nice of him to show me as he didn't have to bother. We're off to see the play tonight. M came out, we went to the chip shop as it was too late to bother doing anything else, then we went home, ate the chips and watched Johnny Allen point a gun at the Mitchell brothers, followed by two more episodes of Curb. I also re-sent my play outline to the theatre as, despite my best efforts and keenness to let someone read it as soon as possible so I can get things started, the unreliable email service had failed again. Boring, huh?

Listening (again): We Are Scientists - With Love and Squalor

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