Monday, November 21, 2005

There'll come a time, of course, when all that anyone blogs about is either i) blogging or ii) the telly. That's if it's not happened already. Great line from Coronation Street tonight. Little horrible urchin David Platt, after getting 20 quid off Jason Grimshaw for not telling Violet that Jason's shagging David's sister, the barely pubescent Sarah Louise (hope you followed that) and David being accused by Jason of blackmailing him (which he was), "How very dare you". Eh? Have Eastenders and Corrie writers done a job swap or something? I've never heard anyone oop nawth ever, ever, ever say "How very dare you". What on earth could it mean? Couldn't they have done a quick re-shoot? Or badly dubbed the correct dialogue over the top? Or does David Platt have extreme special needs? Actually, he probably does. How on earth will little daft Platty boy react when Violet tells the street that she's HIV+? Will he give Jason his 20 smackers back then? Or will he just fluff his lines? Anyway, excuse me while I go watch I'm a Celebrity followed by even more Corrie. Why on earth did we ever go out all the time??

Listening: Be Your Own Pet - Damn Damn Leash

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