Wednesday, December 21, 2005

So, Manc lad Shayne Ward appears on Chris Moyles and proves he's not talented when it comes to talking out loud. Which is a shame. We'd almost changed our minds about him when he belted out his version of Over The Rainbow on the X-Factor final. But, no, he's just like all the rest of this zero-intelligence middle of the road Cowell bank balance generating fodder. We saw former Pop Idol* runner-up (did she do that well? memory fades somewhat) Pippa Fulton the other night. She was watching a battle of the bands contest in a pub dominated by its rather charming lesbian clientele. Funny, I thought she was planning on taking the music industry by storm and leaving the city of Hull way behind. Just like Andrew Newton Lee (Hollyoaks to Hollywood and back again) and Dan Bryan (Big Brother) then. What's wrong with these people? Why do they have to be so ... mediocre? Didn't they ever go on a school trip? You're representing the city, you buffoons.

*It was Fame Academy. Seen one MOR talent search seen 'em all though, eh?
Listening: NPG - Johnny/Deuce & A Quarter

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