Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Two weeks of Monday night therapy drew to a close last night. Again, it was a lot of fun and interesting for me to think about what it is I actually do before and during the writing process. All reminiscent of an AA meeting, though. "I am a writer," we all told each other, wracked with guilt that we'd exposed ourselves so publicly. I tried to be honest, stood in front of a small bunch of nice, friendly creative writing students. I was reminded of messrs Jeffreys and Fante, who inspired me when they were a few feet away explaining how they do what they do, and aware that I wasn't doing as good a job as they did. Everyone's looking for answers, it seems. How do you...get published, get a play on, get paid to write, raise your profile, get taken seriously, attract an audience etc etc etc. Just keep writing's my guess. And believe in yourself.
We became homeowners today. Yippee! Three rented houses together later and we're on the property ladder. In my case, I'm back on it. It's a good feeling. All that debt. And decorating.
Listening: The Go! Team - The Power is On (actually, it fucking isn't. I need to call npower). Prince - Race.

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