Saturday, December 24, 2005


I was at my doctors and at the end of the consultation I asked her if she celebrated Christmas. I thought it not impossible but unlikely, given that she's a Hindu and all, but wanted to prove my awareness and empathy and acknowledge that we're living in ever-increasing secular times, and also make some pleasant small talk that gave heed to a quite wonderful faith. We've been to Diwali and Holi-related events and, well, my doctor was at those so I know how fond she is of a right old knees up (I reckon she's still recovering from Govardan Puja myself). Religion aside, Christmas is about love, affection, sharing, renewing family bonds and is a festival for us all. My mumbling ensured that she misheard me, though. "Happy Christmas to you too," she said, curtly, before telling me to get out.
Not long to go now then before I'm giggling like a little girl and ripping the paper off me pressies without even reading the gift tags. I've been particularly rubbish this year at sending out cards to people that deserved them. I apologise. So, here I go into the food and drink. I recommend you do the same. Back soon, folks, may you have a fantastic Christmas break. x

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