Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Quest for cheese...

Encountered rudeness today. Am getting increasingly annoyed by staff in just about every shop I happen to wander into at the moment. The people no longer take any interest whatsoever in customers, preferring to indulge in very loud, inane conversation with each other throughout transactions. Whilst buying a selection of pastry items at lunch I had to endure a pointless debate about Scotch Eggs that was going on between four tabard-wearing sorts. At no point was my presence acknowledged properly, the goods were just hurled at me, my money snatched, my change slapped on the counter. No thankyou, nuthin. Later, in Tesco, where I was picking up some cheese (I'm sure this is interesting to the grocery watchers out there) I happened to be perusing some other items down an aisle when a woman squeezed herself and her trolley into the very small gap between myself and the shelf, thus obscuring my view completely, without so much as an excuse me. I made my feelings felt by staring like a crazed demon at the back of her head, to which she will have been completely oblivious, before moving on. Two minutes later the thought struck me that I should pursue her and obstruct her in a similar manner and see how she liked it, eh? eh? I began the hunt but then realised I couldn't actually remember what she looked like, aside from that view of the back of her head which I had taken in quite well. But around 20 rear head views in Tesco at that moment in time appeared quite identical. So I just skulked around for a bit before continuing my quest for cheese.

Listening: Ryan Adams - 29

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