Friday, February 17, 2006

Fair was good. Very hard-hitting and intelligent piece, not afraid to get stuck into some serious business about multi-culturalism. Liked the space, which was the Theatre in the Mill at Bradford Uni, and enjoyed being driven there and back. Around a dozen people in the audience, which can't do the fragile spirit of actors any good at all.

The people of the city of Hull can rejoice. 'Their' paper's no longer up for sale. It didn't attract the right kind of offers, apparently, and would not have left the shareholders with enough gold coins to count. We now have to move forward as a news information portal for the future, or something or other, which will involve all kinds of extraordinary things on the internet, such as short videos that no one will watch, and forums, and blogs, and electronic auctions, and e-books, and a virtual, three-headed, video-conferencing borg editor with a collection of punk rock mp3s at his disposal to soundtrack his flash animations etc etc etc. They're even talking shocking talk about updating the website from this very building, rather than in Derby, where it's controlled by those two blokes from The IT Crowd. Before long, the various editors will even know how to turn on their computers! Newspapers are dead, long live fancy stuff involving pixels that will be nice to look at on your LCD monitor! Watch out ultra-modern, wired-up Guardian, here we come. Throw away your pens and notepads now, we shall compose it all on graphics tablets and exclusive Northcliffe hand held gadgets currently being invented by Lord Rothermere. Share prices, you're on the rise. Hur-fucking-rah.

Listening: Josh Rouse - Nashville.

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