Thursday, February 16, 2006

A fruitful, constructive meeting in the end, with plenty of ideas being knocked back and forth. Other people talking with incredible enthusiasm about my play. I can now return to the script with renewed vigour and I feel excited about settling back down to a few evenings at the keyboard to tweak and twist what already exists. I've got romantic notions about what being a writer actually is. And then I sit down and pages of drivel spew forth. Or I end up grouting tiles.

Prior to the meeting I was keeping myself to myself, listening to two teachers slagging off an entire school's worth of pupils, jotting a few notes down about Sully, dipping in and out of some poetry books I'd been sent by Shane at Wrecking Ball Press and nursing a pint of Carling Cold when the cast of Richard Bean's Up On Roof trundled into the pub. I had to pack the poetry away so they could all run through their Muslim-related gags from the script they're trying to remember. After this there was some rugby chat, some Hull prison riot chat and some stuff about the introduction of smoking bans. Ten minutes later I was sat in a no-smoking policy green room, waiting for GTP to exit a meeting he was in and wondering why, as a non-smoker, I'm concerned about the way that those that do smoke are increasingly treated like second class citizens. But I am. Heading to Bradford tonight to watch a play called Fair. Just as an audience member - what a treat.

The Stephen Joseph Theatre sent me an e-card wishing me luck with the writing but nothing else from the other PRs, save for the usual press releases.

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