Monday, February 27, 2006

Impossible to see the blog at work at the mo, due to some technical thing that mortals like me can't understand called Websense, which is blocking access to sites of a Message Board and Club nature. Have asked the IT Crowd if the ban can be lifted but that might take some time. Still, at least I can post. And talking of post... Entered a post office earlier today, within a Morrison's supermarket. The post office burglar alarm was blasting away, for no apparent reason, and four, four, managerial types were huddled over the keypad trying to kill the noise, as if in some kind of blue sky out of the box thinking cum brainstorming session. Twenty minutes, and much shouting into walkie talkies, later, and the alarm was still going. The senior manager - who differentiated himself by wearing a blue shirt, rather than the standard chewing gum white - then located a key that halted the racket, and the 30-deep post office queue whooped and hollered at this minor victory for a man well-versed in retail, refrigeration and in-store point of sale displays but lacking in alarm system skills. It was a beautiful, almost cinematic, scene, that will, no doubt, make their monthly in-house publication, which, I hazard a guess, is called, On The Other Side of the Counter. Or, perhaps, Check Out! Or, maybe, Queue This Side. Or, even, Seven Items or Less. Or, although this is the least likely, Till Death Us Do Part, which will, each month, include a caption competition with a picture depicting a grizzly murder scene at a check out.

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