Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lunch in Hull's finest, and ridiculously cheapest, city centre Thai restaurant. Obnoxious men, who walked in talking loudly on mobile phones and stuck in a 1970s Love Thy Neighbour mindset insisted on taking the piss out of the staff by ordering food in a comedy accent. Another free DVD today - Minder on the Orient Express. The PR company insist it is a "classic" episode of the Dennis Waterman/George Cole-starring comedy drama. Yeah, right. And the fella with the noise called. He held his phone up in the air (he said) so that I could hear the racket for myself. There was nothing there, and after a couple of minutes I told him. "Aye, lad, but it's really loud in the room next door."

Listening: Crass - Big A Little A

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