Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday, bloody Monday. Again. A weekend of wiring up (in?) a shower and correcting some of the plumber's shoddy work, and putting a new light fitting up, and buying a fish tank, and putting boxes in the loft, and microwaving Bernard Matthews mini kievs, and watching Rock School, and other such excitement. All of which has brought me back round to Monday, bloody Monday far too quickly, although I did breakfast, if that's the right word, at McDonalds with the kids on the way in this morning, thus delaying the start of the day. I walked in and remembered that I'd arranged an interview for first thing with young Up On Roof actor Rachel Helen, so, keen to wing it and get it out of the way, set about phoning her whilst opening up her biog on screen, only to be met by a "hello" almost immediately and a "cannot open file" error message. Then it was on to writing about a WI quiz night, where the top prize was a tea towel. Well worth exercising your brain, then. A teacher writes "hi, im a teacher in hull and am heading off across teh (sic!) big pond to the land down under and was wonderign (sic!) if i sent you some articales (sic!) whilst i was there if you would be interested in printing them?!" I'm all for mis-spelling in the fast-paced world of email but, well, hardly a decent advert for a teacher, is it? No doubt she'll be writing a column within weeks, and Rothermere will enlist her to buoy up the freefalling share prices.

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