Friday, February 10, 2006

Thanks to looking at a clock that's running around 45 minutes ahead of GMT when I was still in bed, I've managed to get to work on time for once in my life. Naturally, there's nobody else on the desk and I sit here alone, bored, and sipping the coffee that someone else kindly bought me as I walked into the canteen. The early start is confusing for a brain with such a small capacity. Convinced I was going to be late, so what did another 30 minutes matter, I sauntered around the house in slow motion. Then I got in the car and realised that I was actually setting off earlier than I have since we moved to the new house. Ah, well. At least the extra time helped me stumble on to this magnificent blog, which could well become a regular start to the day, even when I go back to my usual 10am starts.

We saw Walk The Line. M was unimpressed but I liked it. With the boyhood trauma flashbacks it followed the storytelling template of Ray a tad too closely, I thought. The music was good, almost good enough to make me go and get me some Cash. Weird clientelle in the cinema we ended up in - Cineworld. It was as deathly quiet as a theatre in the silent moments between trailers. Even though we'd bought tickets with seats either side of us, the adjacent customers had opted to sit in the wrong seats and seemed to take great pleasure in hemming us in by spreading their legs as wide as is humanly possible. My revenge was to chomp on my nachos as loudly as I could. That's not a euphemism, btw.

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