Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Dan Bryan fans seem to have sent the hit counter spinning again, bless 'em. Lots of visitors coming from the man's Digital Spy forum after my 'revelations' that Dan might be picking up a pair of GHDs again. Never thought of myself as being "in the loop". Feel quite flattered. But being "in the loop" isn't exciting, media watchers, if indeed I am even in it. Sadly, it just means heading to a pub where lots of other journalists can be found. Journalists being journalists, we all have a drink problem. And the gossip came the day after, when someone told me that big Dan'd been telling someone else in the pub that he's contemplating returning to the head gardening. Big news in Hull, no doubt, especially on Newland Ave, where he used to ply his trade. If it is true, it's a shame. I might not appreciate those that are famous for merely being famous but wouldn't it have been nice if he'd gone on and walked the walk? And wouldn't it be lovely if, when he's perming and toussling folk, he becomes the nation's biggest/tallest celebrity hairdresser so he can continue to attract attention? I mean it, I wish he'd make it to the top of whatever mountain it is he's after climbing. I know this is a turnaround for me but it's time the city's wannabes started becoming something other than just almosts and alsorans, so we can all start believing that we're not living in a vacuum. We can't keep harking back to the glory days of The Housemartins and hoping that daft bird on The Apprentice gets a job with Alan Sugar. Dan Bryan, I salute you (and your very impressive Blue Tooth head set...and that big leather jacket...and your microphone grip). See you down The Salon? And does anyone know if he's a good hairdresser?

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