Friday, March 24, 2006

Devoured enormous quantities of Chinese food last night to celebrate niece's 22nd birthday. We were down a pungent place called The Aroma. They appear to like to encourage authentic Chinese family dining, as it was all round table action and full lazy Suzan spinning. But people were quite protective of their dishes, even though they could've ordered more and, by the time the main courses had arrived, we'd scoffed several ducks. "They're my cashew nuts," came the cries. Such is the greedy British way. Nice food, though.

Wonderful quote from the rock/pop princess Pink in today's Sun. She lies that she took lots of drugs when she was young (hang on, when she was young? How old is she? (she's 25)). Anyway, check this out... "I buried three friends from heroin overdoses. But, you know, onwards and upwards." What a caring young lady she is, and her friends must really have appreciated her youthful indifference as they OD'd, one after the other. In other news, "Marshalls has launched a new colour, Buff, to its Croft Stone walling range." Ah, yes, quality press releases are coming my way this morning. That's because I'm in the loop. Buff's not a "new colour", is it? Hasn't it been around since the dawn of pigmentation?

Come on weekend, so I can redraft the second half of the play and go and see The Paddingtons hush-hush secret gig.

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