Monday, March 27, 2006

Meeting re the play, which is coming together well, although this time around I acquiesced to lose a marvellous line about people shitting in wardrobes. Is it art? There are two directors. It's no good cop/bad cop scenario though - both of them are very supportive and incredibly enthusiastic. Which is great. Another lengthy session - or several short sessions - at the laptop should see my work about done, and then I can just start to sweat excessively about audience reactions, if I'm lucky enough to have an audience. At the venue now there's a massive poster for Sully, just outside the main doors in and out. And there's another publicity display on the main staircase. Seeing them, it all feels very surreal and out of body. If last year's experience was anything to go by, this weirdness increases as opening night draws closer, and then you start to feel ever so slightly insane. I'm frightened, folks, but don't tell anyone.

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