Thursday, March 02, 2006

Today? Waste of bloody time, really. Found out that industrial stainless steel kitchens are out, curvey high gloss kitchens are in. Although that's not based on any empirical findings, just what Gary, at some kitchen design company, reckons. Honestly, kitchen fitters are the strangest people. Geoff, of another kitchen company, preferred to hide in his warehouse rather than talk to me. Picked the wrong number out of the colour pages there. Wrote some words about Johnny Depp. Wrote half a column. Ate a farmhouse breakfast at Lloyds with M, who's had her hair cut in a rather funky fashion. Bought Sonatine and Triple Cross on DVD and The Crimea's new CD. Came back, drank loads of water and a can of Apple Tango, then fired off emails to every video company that exists to get (back) on their press mailing lists. And now? Off to buy some hardboard!

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