Monday, April 03, 2006

Confirmation that we're welcome to stay with the rellies in NZ any time we like helped sooth the pain of not making it this year. Nice party. We're a big, ridiculously extended, family. The hardest part at these gigs is remembering who everyone is. The last thing Auntie Marie wants, of course, is to be called by a name of some long lost black sheep of a relation we severed all links with years ago. How did I acquire so many cousins? And how come they look so different these days? And where did all those little people come from?
Followed that up with work on the script. Miraculously, given the amount of mucous that was on my lungs, I got it finished. Again. Pressed the send button on the email around 11pm. I will probably only have to finish it two or three more times before rehearsals begin.

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