Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday I'm In Love

Sitting here in my boxer shorts, listening to Who The F*ck Are Arctic Monkeys, eating the occasional walnut and the odd fizzy cola bottle, contemplating shifting the whole garden incinerator business forward 24 hours, just in case the world ends before I get round to clearing the rear of the house of all the assorted post-renovation detritus that lurks out there. And wondering if the fence will fall down immediately after I've shifted it all. But if the world does end, it won't matter. We started the morning with Damien Rice, Nick Cave, John Maryn and Radiohead. We're moving on to Asda and a game of Topspin on the X-Box. I've got a Shane Meadows film to watch, while M takes over the household writing duties, crafting a play for youth. I might write some song lyrics, later. And I'll be turning my attention to the Fender Tele I bought a few months ago as it's been neglected ever since. Baby, I'm coming to get you. This could be a seriously Good Friday.

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