Thursday, April 20, 2006

Get Down On It

What is it with Manga displays in bookshops? They look great, there's an ever increasing selection to purchase. But...there's always some skateboard raggamuffin sprawled all over the floor reading the stuff. This doesn't happen in any other section in bookshops. You don't see sci-fi fans prostrate in-store. Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket addicts don't lay down to read. Crime lovers, desperate not to be spotted by anyone, are quickly in and out. But, wherever there's Manga, there's always some little freak occupying floor space, getting in the way. A few months ago, in Borders, five girls had overtaken the entire section and refused to budge whenever anyone else showed an interest. And the staff just let them get on with it. What's the deal? Just buy the fucking thing you adore reading so much, go home and then, and only then, get horizontal. Anyway, I bypassed the little bastard and ended up buying a collection of Akutagawa short stories.

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