Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Mondays...

Just at that stage when I'm trying to eek out the last few hours of non-work. So am dashing about, picking up CDs, DVDs, books, trying to read/listen/watch everything I can before boredom and HDM narcolepsy kicks back in tomorrow. Have just eaten half a Cadbury's egg, which is sitting nicely on top of the bacon & Stilton burger I gobbled down in Dukes but 240 minutes ago, whilst listening to Sham 69 classics of yore and attempting to get my mobile phone synched up with the laptop, so I can muck about on here with images snapped around the dirty city in which we live. There were two nasty looking terriers standing guard outside the pub. A customer's dogs, not the bar owner's. They looked liked they'd gladly take a passer by's arms clean off, rather than sample the Dukes' fine cuisine. But, for some reason, everyone that walked by stopped, smiled at the clamp-jawed slavering beasts and, unless my lip-reading skills have gone haywire, pointed out how cute these little scrappy bastards were. It was a tad busy, a handful of tables were reserved and parents were sending their children in five minutes ahead of their arrival to rearrange the furniture and bag the seats. Is it me constantly staring at people in a pre-emptive self-defence move or are people staring at each other menacingly with much more regularity these days? Seriously, as people were taking their seats they looked at everyone around them with murderous eyes, marking out their territory lest we reach out an arm and nick one of their olives stuffed with sun dried tomatos. Gone are the days of just sitting, eating and unwinding in a relaxing environment. Every fucker's watching you with beady eyes cos when you've swallowed your last mouthful of Fosters they're having your table: Don't even think about sitting there without a drink, or you'll have two nasty dogs to deal with.

Listening: Josh Rouse - Subtitulo / Sham 69 - Cockney Cowboys / Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones / Bill Hicks - Rant In E Minor. Playing: X-Box. Watching: Once Upon A Time In The Midlands / American Gothic / Father Ted Series One

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