Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I got a taste of my own medicine today. I do make a habit of blurting out, rather loudly, what's running through my mind. This, I've realised, can unnerve folk. Anyway, I was walking through a shopping mall in Hull that goes by the name of the Prospect Centre which, incidentally, probably has the least prospects of all shopping centres in the city, when I failed to stifle a yawn (sleeping pill side-effect, no doubt). Then this gent jumped in my general direction, stood in front of my face and shouted, very theatrically, "early to bed, early to rise!". It was 2pm.

Phone call while we were in B&Q (I was treating myself to a garden incinerator, minutiae fans, and a packet of metal washers. M bettered this by purchasing some nice new wireless telephones from Currys. I countered with two 10-packs of CDRs. M got the last laugh - a packet of M&Ms. I paid for them.) re the play. They liked the redraft. Phew. I have been asked to send a list of people that need thanking to the venue, for inclusion in the programme. At work, someone asked me how the play had gone. "It's not been on yet". "Oh," they responded, in a way that suggested they still wouldn't be bothering to come, even if they do have over a month to buy tickets (maybe less - apparently, it's selling well).

According to blogger, this blog contains 'spam-like elements' and a real human has to drop by to make sure all is as it seems. So, if you are that human, hello! Now, can I stop typing in that word verification nonsense every time I post, do you think?

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Stephen Newton said...

This spam blog tool is a weird thing. I have a little blog I call a sandbox where I play about with layout, gadgets et cetera and that got caught out. But the thing is I tick the box to keep it private, which inserts code to tell Google not to index it – hardly the action of spammer.

By the way, if my blogroll replacement was the straw that broke Crimson’s back, I should say that I tried adding this post but I get a blank space. The problem is you haven’t given it a title (you’re not the only one it turns out). I’m not telling you how to do things, but if you called it ‘I got a taste of my own medicine today’ the URL would remain the same.