Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Move on up...

Well, I've finally grown exhausted of manually posting several bits of code into boxes over on webcrimson and have made the switch to blogspot. I'm hoping I'll be able to make better use of images now and make the Killing Time experience slightly less painful for you, dear reader, whoever you may be (okay, I know it's you, mum, and I'd like to thankyou for using a variety of web browsers and IP addresses to make the stats look better than they are). Otherwise, it will be business as usual: vane, pretentious and lots of swearing.

Final-ish draft (I have a scene to add before rehearsals begin) of the script left the house at around 11pm last night. Just, coincidentally, as the sleeping tablets were starting to kick in. Phew. That could have got messy if I'd fallen asleep atop the laptop. Anyway, that's cleared the way for an Easter weekend of fun, games, chocolate and writing the lyrics for those damn songs for the supermarket musical.


Stephen Newton said...

Goodness that was quick work. Welcome to Blogger!

looby said...

What a relief - I have to say Dave, that your blog was technically the most difficult one to keep up to date with. But it's a lot easier now.

Your mum.