Saturday, April 22, 2006

Papa's got a brand new bag...

Stain BoyBought a bag from Burtons. Which got us thinking, wouldn't it be great if Burtons was owned by Tim Burton, and all the designs, rather than being ideal for 30-something men with perfect torsos, a love of ghastly colours and a desire to pop a twisted leather bracelet round their wrist, reflected Mr Burton's peculiar aesthetic. You go in for a dull jeans and T-shirt combo, you come out looking like Edward Scissorhands or Stain Boy.

Finally finished Kevin Booth's Bill Hicks biog this morning and, as a result, I was left with a taste for some El Azteca action. So after the Burton bag escapade we slipped across to Chiquitos for a mid-afternoon helping of jalapenos and other internal-organ rotting spicy stuff. It was great. Our waitress, who had trouble hearing M order a cola, thinking she might have said Corona, apologised for having funny ears. I looked at them but couldn't really see them clearly as her hair was quite long. But what I could see looked pretty standard and not in any way funny. I still tipped at the end, though, because I don't think table staff should be judged on the comedic strength of their ears.

Listening: Bill Hicks - Relentless. Reading: Junichi Saga - Confessions of a Yakuza.

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