Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Warning: Profanities below. Children to be accompanied by a responsible adult

Well, there'll be further redrafting tonight, so the actors can finally get their mitts on a copy of the script. There'll be no running in on the first day of rehearsals with damp inky pages fresh out of the printer, which is just as well given that the cartridge has run dry. The obscene language has all gone, boo hoo. A line about being buggered has been removed. But a fuck was replaced with a bugger. I managed to keep two shits in there and a couple of bastards, but there was very little negotiation. I certainly won't be tagged with any comparisons to Mark 'Shopping & Fucking' Ravenhill with this one. Aw, fuck, there goes the realism. My next play will be titled Fuck Off Cunt, You're Buggered. Apologies, mum, if you're reading this in one of your rare moments of silver surfing. Anyway, the snips all serve the play well so I'm still a happy bunny.

Reading: John Boyne - The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

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