Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another brick in the wall...

All this concrete being poured and all these cranes swinging about are really getting me excited. The main city centre road is closed in one direction for the next few months, thus signaling even more concrete on its way. Come 2007, the skyline will have been transformed into a big slab of concrete, with windows, housing a really fancy Poundzone, or some other posh flagship store. Several men in flourescent jackets have been employed to tell people where they're allowed to walk, just in case they can't see for themselves that clambering over barriers into moving traffic is a bad idea. Several traders are now hidden behind 6ft high fencing, and I predict that by the weekend the HDM will have a story from some wittering hi-fi shop owner complaining about the lack of business. Spent the morning in rehearsals. Delivered a few new lines for Act II and then they ran through it. After the heady first half it felt like theatre to slash the wrists to, such is the turn of events. Won't be back in now until Friday.

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