Saturday, May 13, 2006

Betcha by golly, wow!

Up at the crack of 10am to do a phoner with the local BBC radio station. Nice chat, even given that my throat was closing up and felt as if it had something sharp lodged in it. I guess that's eating a Big Mac late at night for you. And the good thing is that as it was pre-recorded piece I can listen to myself later and then curl up into a ball of embarassment. Just who is that stuttering, stammering fool telling everyone that the tickets are selling like the proverbial hot cakes? Will anyone else be listening? Or will the FA Cup have gone into extra-time and everyone be hanging on the result of that?
We were contemplating heading to the races today but the view from this room looks wet and grey and the going a bit soft. The last time this party of five went racing in the rain we very stupidly took shelter from a thunder and lighting storm by huddling under a metal tower, so perhaps some alternative indoor entertainment would be a safer bet.

Reading: Charles Bukowski - The Most Beautiful Woman in Town (and other stories)


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