Sunday, May 07, 2006

Meat is murder...

Phew, that wedding was great fun. And staying overnight in the reception venue made the day a totally relaxed affair (well, for us, I'm sure the bride and groom had a few moments of tension) full of drinking, eating and dancing just enough to damage my knees. The Morrissey t-shirt I picked up the other night prompted a few conversations, while the DJ played the Pistols, Manics, Clash and lots of other decent tunes and gushed about how he was having the time of his life as he usually has to play Village People and the Birdie Song at such functions. The food was a totally vegetarian menu, as both the bride and groom are dedicated veggies, and was excellent fodder. But, as we checked out, it prompted the receptionist to quiz us about our eating habits to see if we were "one of them". M gave the answer that one of us is, one of us ain't. "I couldn't eat vegetarian," she said, "I'd need to have something with it," as if vegetarian options don't actually contain anything edible. "I suppose you'll be craving a piece of steak now?" she said to me as we walked away in response to this foodist offensive behaviour.

Listening: Dirty Pretty Things - Waterloo to Anywhere.

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