Thursday, June 15, 2006

Feline groovy...

Larry isn't so much a part of the furniture as, in the eyes of our other cat, Penny, the most despised creature to ever walk the earth. Penny, a placid little cat previously, has developed a lion-like growl and has loved showing her teeth whilst making "don't fuck with me" hissing noises since Larry arrived late yesterday afternoon. We have been following several pieces of documentation on how to integrate a kitten in a household with an older cat but, ultimately, this will all end in a big scratchy fight that I will have to split up. Penny, never my biggest fan even at the best of times, has taken to walking off in digust when I approach her. The reason? Well, me and Larry are fast becoming best pals. This is because together, co-joined, our names scream out Larry David - a truly wonderful comedic combination that could dominate the world. Mwah hah hah hah hah!

M has a meeting re her upcoming exciting play today, so I am, naturally, having to sit in whilst temperatures outside approach 25 degrees, just in case feline armageddon commences (unlikely, right now, as Larry is asleep atop a pile of recently washed clothing as Penny sulks in an upstairs bedroom). Even with dopey, dozing cats, the atmosphere's all very pre-fight, pre-Rumble in the Jungle around here. It's a tension I am finding difficult to cope with, given my sleep was cut short by the Stanley Cup shenanigans of last night, with the Edmonton Oilers winning 4-3 in overtime to take the series to a sixth game. My X-Box version of the tournament currently has the Carolina Hurricanes leading 2-1, as I've failed to keep up with the real world. Then there's the little matter of England at 5pm today. Should be an easy game. Should be. But, of course, Sven will select Rooney and he'll suffer a career-ending injury and that will be that. Predictions? How about Ecuador 2 Costa Rica 2, England 3 Trin & Tob 2, Sweden 1 Paraguay 0?

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